#604FDD means a series of numbers for you. But it can be a proper color for a shape as well. This is the way how I've been realizing the world around me over 10 years.

I work as a designer, but awlays looking for new opportunities over ui/ux challenges. Imagine-create-edit videos, share knowedge as a Figma enthusiastic, manage small teams and so on.

I've always preferred the community-based knowledge, that’s why I trained myself. My skills/perspective came from the digital world. But I never forget the oldest tools: paper and pen to sketch my ideas. I always looking for new challenges in my life/career. My own curiosity makes the greatest motivation. That was the exact reason to shift from print media to UI/UX community.

What is the value in a company for me? I really love working with talented people and I’m open to learning from them. It’s important for me to educate myself. That’s why I always keep on asking.

I have to note I’m not perfect, it’s really hard for me to remember people’s name and I don’t like tofu.

projects from recent years

E-Mobility, Scooter Sharing, Stream, News Portals, Maintenance Tools, Bike Webshop, Tattoo, Event Management, Education, Figma Course, Industrial Ventilation Systems, Craft Beers, Kotlin Themed Conference, Gastronomy

Tools what I prefer mostly

Figma, Miro, Notion, After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, Zeplin, Affinity Photo, Photoshop, ScreenFlow, Muzli, IconJar, Spotify